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Came across this website, and wanted to make a custom mousepad, reviews were great and prices were cheap. Delivery was about 9 days after ordering (I’m in the US) and the result was amazing. If I ever need another mousepad I would definitely be back, worth every penny.

Very high quality

I got exactly what I wanted. I hate thin mouse pads and I wanted an image that I cared about. Specter helped edit an image I loved and the final product was even better than I expected.

Good quality!

The mousepad arrived in good packaging, and the print is clear. It's very soft and comfortable to rest on. :D

Provided an idea, returned with a wonderful mat!

SpecterLabs was able to take a rough idea and turn it into a great project! Timing (including communications, draft review, processing and delivery) was appropriate - even on the quick side; customer service was fantastic!



Picture quality looks impeccable. Was worried about pixels and color. But everything looks perfect and just how I wanted it

Great mouse pads

The prints are great and mice slide great on it

The product was amazing, and the print was really good quality

Very nice

I ordered an XL desk mat and it turned out great! Very satisfied with how it turned out.

Legit review- actually came out fabulous

I made my own pattern in procreate and I have bad judgement when it comes to sizing things properly and how they translate to real life. I wanted a mat to cover my desk so I can film things for art social media and not have my icky unaesthetic table on display. I measured my desk and opted for a smaller sized mat and ultra thin because I didn't want the mat to be flopping off my desk. Again, Im bad at mentally visualizing, I probably could have gone up a size. Because I'm doing art I didn't want anything super squishy, so the ultrathin is really nice. (If this brand could make plastic mats too that'd be awesome, or a giant square mat because I want to replace the mat in my primary film location. You guys will have customers just for social media backdrop-need-ers.) but the printing came out amazing. I was anticipating some sort of pixelization or blur and there isn't any. Its straight up crisp. I see zero lose threads or snags or anything. The artwork came out perfect. The packaging yall did too was above and beyond. Amazing.

Extremely satisfied

Submitted a goofy picture to be printed on my mouse pad as a gift.
The picture quality was amazing and just what I was hoping for.
This was my first time doing a custom pad so this was the first time I have heard of this company. I'm glad I trusted them with my purchase and I will definitely be back for more.

Perfect mousepad!

It looks and feels great! Really high quality.

Super Satisfied!!

Surprised when unrolling the mat, artwork has this low light holographic sheen. Had me wow'd

Highly recommended for those that like to personalize.

Thank you Specterlabs!! Great job!

Great product at a great price, but it comes out a little dark

I am generally thrilled with tthis product all-around, from the quality to how it looks, even the speed with which i recieved my order (2 weeks). my only concern is that it came out a little darker than I would have liked. But the price is very reasonable. Hell, I could reorder the item with a brighter .png and still have spent a total that is comperable to the price that other sellers charge for a single mousepad.


The mouse pad turned out even better than I imagined and it was delivered within the time specified on the website for the specific country. Would recommend to everyone!


Picture quality is d1


I ordered the mousepad as a gift, with only a blurry image for them to work with, and it turned out beautiful 😍

A great mousepad

I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations! From the moment I unboxed it, I could tell that this was a high-quality product. The surface is incredibly smooth, providing the perfect balance of speed and control for both work and gaming, the quality of the print is perfect, thay did great job on the picture, I would buy another one.

All I had hoped it would be

Great quality on the print and the picture pops! The seems look durable and also I love that it's washable. If you're looking for custom pads this is an absolute no-brainer! Shipping to Germany worked fine, took about 4 weeks from placing to receiving the order.

Amazing quality

Just received my desk mat today, love the quality. Thank you John for delivering this wonderful piece!!

The printing Quality is WAY better than expected

I figured this would be decent. Like, sure, the image I want is on there, and I can reconcile it.

I was wrong. Very very wrong. The printing quality is better than expected. And not by a small margin. Like WAY better.

The feel is good, and the mouse feel is also very smooth. I already like it better than the Hyte one I just replaced (although it wasn't bad). But this one is custom, feels better, and again, the printing, on fabric no less, is nothing short of awesome.

Fantastic, worth it, and looks great.

I ordered this for my desk at my brand new job, it’s my first post grad job, and I wanted to have something nice at my desk for my computer.

Was concerned at first with the idea, but it came and it’s fantastic!

Amazing Quality

My image was very simple in the first place, but you can tell it has been upscaled. High quality image and mousepad its self.

Great quality. Print is super vibrant and clear

Shyni Raequaza mouspad

It is relly noice and did not take that long to ship to finland so tank you for the mouspad and i Will buy more in the future thanks. Sorry the reason i canno give a photo of ot is beacouse my phone camera is broken.