Bulk and Wholesale Mousepads/Deskmats/Deskpads

In today's competitive market, branding isn't just about having a catchy slogan or a recognizable logo. It's about crafting an experience that resonates with your target audience. One such underrated branding tool are the custom mousepads or deskpads, which you can get in bulk and save BIG. And it is crucial to find the right mousepad supplier to make them for you.

Why hire Specter Labs for your bulk order?

  • Volume pricing starting as low as 10 units
  • True bulk pricing at 50 units and up
  • In-house lab production without outsourcing/dropshipping or any other nonsense
  • Fast lead times: 50-200 units 5-7 business days, 200-800 units 7-10 business days, 800+ units TBD
  • Quick domestic shipping within continental USA, for international and EU clients we offer a range of logistics options
  • Amazing printing quality, full-color CMYK with expanded gamut into neon color ranges
  • Premium product build - smooth fabric, grippy rubber, intricate stitching

We serve both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses

no company or order is too large or too small

We bring 7 years of technical excellence in bulk mousepad and deskpad production. Our products are branding powerhouses, merging crucial functionality and premium feel with potent brand visibility.

Why buy in bulk for your business?

We make custom printed and personalized small promotional mousepads, larger desktop mats and pads, as well as gaming sizes too. Our bulk printing and manufacturing service is perfect for:

Businesses: For corporate branding, office use, or as promotional giveaways during events and conventions.

Youtube Content Creators and Twitch Streamers: As fan merch or your own designed product line. 

Schools and Universities: For school pride, computer labs, alumni gifts, or bookstore sales.

Non-Profit Organizations: For awareness campaigns or fundraising events.

Gaming Communities: Customized with game logos, character illustrations, or clan insignias.

Event Organizers: As souvenirs or gifts for conferences, conventions, and other events.

Tech Companies: Bundling with other computer accessories and swag, for promotional purposes, or corporate style in-office or for work-from-home staff.

Graphic Designers: Showcasing their artwork or designs and launching their own product line.


Please contact us with product size, quantity, and shipping destination using the form below. We will provide you a quote for both products and shipping. Once you accept our offer, we send you an invoice with a payment link and begin fulfilment.

We can accept and work with any file formats. You can download templates and see the detailed guide here.

Yes, we provide support and consultations regarding the designs at no cost to you. Please send us your ideas, logos or sketches to support@specterlabs.co

Yes, we can make a sample with your custom design, please contact us at support@specterlabs.co to get a quote and make sample arrangements.

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Get a a quick no obligation quote or design consultation and get answers from our service team: support@specterlabs.co
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