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This is the hardest part, right? But the most fun too! Start with what you are into, maybe gaming or anime wallpapers?

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They say it's just a mousepad, NO IT IS NOT. It is the best friend for your mouse, and maybe your keyboard too?


It all starts with you, let your personality shine through your gaming and workspace. Check out the full guide how to prepare your file.

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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Fast support (XL)

I had made a collection of all the profile pictures ive custom made myself overtime and decided to get a mousepad with them on it. I made my order and a few hours after i placed it, i realized i had missed 2 faces! I sent an email asking if i could put my order on hold to update my photo and they got back to me within a few hours. Final product is very nice and has amazing quality, no detail left out. Worth the wait, thanks lads.

Ohhh yay! So hard to find Wheel of Time swag so I had to do it myself with you alls help! If you are worried that it’ll be bad, don’t be! Turned out fantastic. Do wish they had a preview button more easily findable at the purchase point. But they knocked this outta the park here. So cool!

L Deskmat

This was a good deskmat for sure! This is my first time ordering from this company, and It is safe to say I would order again! I've already recommended this company to a few friends of mine. They'll be happy too, should they order a custom deskmat.

XXXL Mousepad

I've bought a mousepad from Specter, I found them on a Google and I needed new one for my setup and I choosed 4mm thicknes with a God Of War Ragnarok picture on it!

I didn't and couldn't even IMAGINE how good this mousepad is and the quality of a picture on it! It feels soft while you're resting your arms on it and you playing games!

I know for sure and 100% where I am gonna get my mousepad again if I need it!

I can tell you everyone, before you go on other sites to order a small mousepad like Steelseries, don't do it! Go to Specter and get a big mousepad with same quality for the same amount of money, you will not regret it buying from them!

P.S. I am from germany and it takes 16-20 days for delivery!

We ordered 2 pads, and they’re both stunning, really high quality despite images being sent were only 1080p, no pixelation or low quality issues. Really happy with them. And the pad quality itself is really good!


Not much to say here bois. I got the largest size, put on some well colored, high res anime picture for my new setup ideas. It came within a week or two i think, and looks freaking sick. The red and black pop out with defined lines, no printing errors or shitty renders here. The writing on it is very clear and with well blended colors this thing is my favorite setup piece to date. I highly recommend this over some razor garbage or 120 dollar RGB desk matt that's hard to clean and cheaply made. This matt is thick, lasts a while, sustains color and is easy to take care of every few weeks of use.

Great service

my mouse pad turned out great, they did a great job of touching up the original image I sent them and giving me a few options to choose from.

Overall the quality is great, good size for the price and very smooth.

Blown away

I was a tad skeptical at first, when I saw the mention of secret proprietary techniques used to upscale/quality correct submitted images, so I made sure to submit a fairly high quality image using their provided PSDs.

I was a little worried because my design included some fine linework.

Got it in the mail the other day and just.... wow. The print is immaculate. super crisp, and reproduced perfectly on the fabric. Honestly could not be more happy with it.

I purchased one of the largest size mouse pads they offer and did not make it easy on them! My picture, although pretty basic, was an unusual size and smaller than the guidelines- Because of this, I reached out to them to ask if it was still going to be ok and they responded super fast and assured me that they could easily enhance it for me. I was super skeptical because I honestly hadn't heard of this company before but decided to go out on a limb. They did NOT disappoint!! Easily one of my favourite mouse pads i've ever owned and i've cycled through 4! I don't usually take the time to write reviews but with the great customer support, lightning fast production and overall excellent quality of the mousepad I had to. The stitching is even and I'm overall very happy with how it turned out. Will definitely be purchasing from Specter if I ever need another mousepad.

10''x16''x1/8'' Custom Print Mouse Pad for Compagny

The mouse pad has a nice feel to it. DAZZM employees were all delighted with the quality and the original gift idea.
Personally I really liked the service and the speed.
I recommend this product.


The product is in great condition. All the colours are vibrant, the quality of the picture is outstanding and the mouse pad has a nice feel to it. The stitching is also flawless.
As far as I can tell, everything is in good order.
This has been the second custom mouse pad I've bought from Specter and, just as with my first purchase, it is of excellent quality. If I find myself in need of yet another such product, I'm most certainly going to check your store first.
Thanks for the great product.


Recommended by a friend and I am just amazed! The quality of the image, the customer service was more than satisfying and happy to help with the choice of images i provided since I couldn't decide and this was my first deskmat. They cropped and edited my images to my liking before I even payed them a penny just to help me decide and give me an idea how it will look on the deskmat.
Also for my second mat they edited the logo to fit in the deskmat perfectly. More than happy and will recommend to anyone thinking about buying a deskmat.
The Yourname deskmat here is a XXL size and the honkai star rail one is XXXL

Amazing print and unmatched costumer service!

One of my friends recommended this place after I bought a mousepad which turned out to be very poor quality, but this place goes above and beyond to make the perfect mousepad and I'm really loving the print!
I have recently build a new custom desk with a built-in wireless charger which meant that my design had to be near perfect, so that I could lay my phone there (on the white smiley) to charge it while sitting at my desk.
Not only did they make my custom designed print in higher quality, they also really went out of their way to make sure the print would fit my exact measurements and they did NOT disappoint!
The print is 5/5 and as well as the customer support, I will make sure to recommend you to everyone I know that needs a new mousepad. Thanks! :)

I dont know... its definitely is high quality but coming from a steelseries xxl pad it just felt worse. The material is also not as spill proof as advertised and its quite small too.

Terrific Mousepad!

This is the 2nd mousepad that Specter worked on and the team did a terrific job communicating, with graphics, and production of the pad. The wrong picture was sent in for the design (operator error on my part!) and an S.O.S. email had to be sent in and fingers crossed! John with the team communicated extensively with me to get the correct picture sent in, work with the quality, eventually the individual assets in the picture, and put together a great quality, terrific mousepad! It is now a great centerpiece for my computer niche!

The customer service, graphics support & work, and the quality of the product is terrific!

It turned out so great! The mousepad was a memorial to my friend who recently passed away, so it really meant a lot to me. I’m glad I chose you guys. It is very vibrant and colorful, and the quality is very precise. Amazing job!


Amazing job! I love it so much!

The Vibes

Love my new work mousepad. Very befitting on those days at work.

Best mouse pad !

I like the mouse pad thanks for the mouse pad ♥

Superb Quality

Like most here I was at first worried about the clarity and quality of the image. But when I got my desk mat I was very impressed. Prime image quality tied together with amazing feel makes this pad a fantastic buy.

Fantastic print quality

i was originally worried about the print quality and the contrast of the print since my picture was quite dark. But i was pleasantly surprised! the contrasts are very good and the print is extremely sharp. the purple on the car is even more visible on the print than the original picture! i 100% recommend these

Perfect match!

We bought XXL deskmats last year and everyone liked them so much, we did mouse pads to match this year. The product is exceptional and the prompt and friendly service was very much appreciated!

This is actually my second time ordering from you guys so I already knew that the product would be perfect! Here is a picture of the current setup! Once again I think the mousepad came out perfect!

They Know Their Stuff!

I reached out with a question to their editing and corrections team about an image I had, and they baked a fresh, high quality version free-of-charge in THREE DAYS. I realized they very much so know what they’re doing.

I got two mousepads for different times of the year, and this quality cannot be beat. Perfectly smooth edges, soft but not brittle body, and the images are like I’m watching a movie in 4K. Each little pixel has been upscaled from the images I sent in, and the only imperfection in the blue pad lied in my own original image of the mountain.

My only gripe was with the size, so triple check your measurements since I would have liked longer one. But, that isn’t to say they lied, I just can’t use a tape measure apparently.

Seriously, if you’re contemplating, go for it! They have quality re-touch artists and their manufacturing is down to a science. You won’t find anything better for this price unless you own your own factory :]