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State-of-the-art Custom Mousepad Production Lab in the USA

At Specter, every detail matters. From the moment you place your order, to the moment we have it shipped - we control the entire process. Most companies out there outsource production and engage in dropshipping, we do custom mousepad printing in-house.

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Customize Your Mousepad

This is the hardest part, right? But the most fun too! Start with what you are into, maybe gaming or anime wallpapers?

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Different custom mousepad sizes showcase by Specter Labs

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For Your New Custom Mousepad or Deskmat

Our premium gaming surface size and thickness options are sure to fit your desktop setup just right.

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Different custom mousepad thickness 2, 3, 4, 5mm by Specter Labs.

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Custom Mousepad Thickness

Like your custom deskmats THICC for superior wrist comfort? Want to go slim with the 2mm? We offer the largest deskmat thickness selection on the market.

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Professional design help for preparing image for custom mousepad showcase.


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Professional image preparation is the most important step to ensure your prints turn out amazing, nobody does it better than our dedicated graphics processing team.

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They say it's just a mousepad, NO IT IS NOT. It is the best friend for your mouse, and maybe your keyboard too?


It all starts with you, let your personality shine through your gaming and workspace. Check out the full guide how to prepare your file for a perfect print.

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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Wholesale custom branded mousepads for companies, eSports teams, universities and businesses.

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Wholesale custom deskmats and mousepads

Trusted by big and small businesses alike, we at Specter fulfill large orders like our life depends on it. Because it does.

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Based on 1574 reviews

Great product, clarity and quality of the picture is top notch.

Deskmat xl

Great quality and design! I would definitely recommend buying from this store, this was my first time getting a custom desk mat and I do not regret how it turned out

Great print Quality

I bought mine as a replacement for one that I got a while ago from a different place and the difference in quality is day and night. The colors are so much brighter and clearer and the mousepad feels better quality.(New one is the bottom one)

Magnificent Quality

Man I will tell you that every time I look at this Mouse pad I go (this is quality). The mousepad has this shine to it that makes all the colors pop out and it's truly a magnificent mousepad. 10/10 RECOMMEND

Love it very detailed more than I ever expected

Turned out amazing super high quality definitely worth the price

Amazing mouse pad

When I first opened it loved how clean and how well it looked. You guys did amazing and thank you again for this well made mouse pad! Would recommend for someone to buy this.

Happy with this purchase

I loved how the material feels and how the image turned out, overall good buy :)

Xxxl game pad. Hockey rink

Absolutely perfect. I can play my game in style. Perfect size. Outstanding customer service.


Much better than I expected, it came out very nice. Smells and tastes good too.

The best quality, no doubt

No words for this work, amazing and a great quality. Thank you anda regards from Spain.

Couldn't imagine it any better!

Down to each pixel - it looks amazing! Perfectly sharp and great contrast between every color, line, detail. Image quality aside it feels great to use, mouse glides along without any resistance.

Love it so much

I got one for my fiancé he loves it


I created my image on my phone and it came out fantastic. Better than expected. The quality of the mat is super nice too. Gonna do another.


I placed a custom order based off a mobile image with odd cropping, with a request to include the whole image. Specter Labs did an amazing job with formatting and enhancing the colors. 10/10 would recommend

Amazing color and quality

I wasn't sure how the image would turn out given it was not a perfect resolution match and had a lot of color contrast in certain spots, but the job is as perfect as it could be. Fantastic job printing to match the original and it looks great!

Amazing quality

The mousepad itself is thick and durable with a sturdy base that grips the desk well while also having a smooth top layer for precise mouse movements. The design team also did a perfect job with my request changing the color from red to purple. The overall design quality couldn’t have been better. The wait is worth a custom mousepad of this quality.

All I gotta say is....B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!!

Overall no complaints what-so-ever on the quality of the Deskmat, the size and the custom image that was used turned out to be better than expected. Given that this was a gift, now I need to buy one for myself.

Only issue I had was not Specter Labs fault, it was the shipping company that lost my package the first time around (beware of USPS versus UPS). However, kudos to John Stein and the team for doing a fantastic job of getting me a replacement and was able to answer all my questions/concerns in a timely manner. Thanks again!

Exceeds expectations

I placed an order with a custom design and request some special tweaks to the image I sent in as I could not get it centred or remove some odd coloured edges and the design team did an immaculate job fixing the issues and making this mouse pad a masterpiece! The texture is a beautiful smooth almost silky touch with a thick touch and great stitched edges, I am beyond happy with how it ended up.

Best Mousepad I’ve owned.

I do admit I’ve never spent money on a good mousepad so I don’t have the best history to judge, but this mousepad is perfect. The custom design is super high resolution and clear. Will definitely be getting more whenever I feel like spend money randomly.

Amazing 😍

This came out better than I could have imagined. This weird size I needed for work was only offered HERE and I could pick my own print instead of being forced to settle with size and design elsewhere. I am blown away. I am amazed. I'm so damn pleased. My coworkers are going to be jealous and customers are going to compliment it and I'm absolutely going to tell them where I got it so they can get one too. Thanks so much for your hard work! I will order again for my home office soon!

Truly thankful for their hard work!

Great quality mousepad, the editors did an amazing job and everything came out better than I could tell them what I wanted. Truly grateful for their hard work.

High Quality

I was a little skeptical about the quality of the printed image and the truth is, it is very clear and has no pixels. Very happy

Once again surprised

This is my second 50x100 mousepad from specterlabs and just like the last one, the picture is unbelievably high quality, the fabric feels great and it doesn't move a milimeter even when playing FPS aggressively. I will never buy a mousepad from a different company ever again, can only recommend everyone to try one of these.

It's good but could be better

Dust gets stuck in it easily sadly, same for water stains, but other than that the quality is amazing, they even got the fur on maxwell when I originally uploaded a low quality image, they made it high quality, great service and quality to be honest, I would give it a 5 Star if It wasn't for the water and dust issues, but I'm not a genius in this stuff so idk how it works, I'm satisfied though 👍