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State-of-the-art Custom Mousepad Production Lab in the USA

At Specter, every detail matters. From the moment you place your order, to the moment we have it shipped - we control the entire process. Most companies out there outsource production and engage in dropshipping, we do custom mousepad printing in-house.

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Customize Your Mousepad

This is the hardest part, right? But the most fun too! Start with what you are into, maybe gaming or anime wallpapers?

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Different custom mousepad sizes showcase by Specter Labs

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Our premium gaming surface size and thickness options are sure to fit your desktop setup just right.

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Different custom mousepad thickness 2, 3, 4, 5mm by Specter Labs.

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Custom Mousepad Thickness

Like your custom deskmats THICC for superior wrist comfort? Want to go slim with the 2mm? We offer the largest deskmat thickness selection on the market.

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Professional design help for preparing image for custom mousepad showcase.


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Professional image preparation is the most important step to ensure your prints turn out amazing, nobody does it better than our dedicated graphics processing team.

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They say it's just a mousepad, NO IT IS NOT. It is the best friend for your mouse, and maybe your keyboard too?


It all starts with you, let your personality shine through your gaming and workspace. Check out the full guide how to prepare your file for a perfect print.

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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Wholesale custom branded mousepads for companies, eSports teams, universities and businesses.

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Wholesale custom deskmats and mousepads

Trusted by big and small businesses alike, we at Specter fulfill large orders like our life depends on it. Because it does.

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Based on 1505 reviews
Astounding Print Quality

The quality of this desk mat is excellent overall. However, the print quality is far beyond all my expectations. I expected the print quality to be decent, but faded and washed out. Just like all the other examples of custom print jobs I have seen. (T-shirts, Mugs, Etc.) The pic I uploaded is of the actual mat and not the source image. (I own the image copyrights.)

Great Purchase!

I am a huge fan of my customized mousepad/deskmat! The printing came through very clear even though the image was stretched a bit (to fit on the Medium - 27 x 12). I would definitely recommend especially for the custom items.


This mat is absolutely amazing! The quality is next level. And what's even better is their customer service. I had questions and concerns before purchasing so I wrote them an email. They answered within a day and answered every question. They took away my concerns. I would buy another if I needed another mat!


First time using SpecterLabs for my work desk mat and I am beyond impressed with not only the quality of the materials, but the sharpness and clarity of the printed image!

Mouse pad

I had originally wanted a regular mouse size pad, but accidentally got a larger and flatter one. But now that I’ve been using an absolutely love it. Just make sure you choose the exact size you want.

Best mat yet

Thank you very much for your speed and quality of this order. Looks great. I will order again soon

High School Esports

These are fantastic! Great quality, and a great experience working with a rep to get the custom work done. They are head turners for sure. My guys also commented that they are much better quality than their gamin mats at home (thickness and print) but were have the price with the volume discount. When the whole Esports lab gets finished I'll send pics.

Amazing product!!!

The product is very well made. The print is beautiful, the materials are of excellent quality.


I was honestly expecting a good product, but not that much. The mousepad itself is good and the printing quality is amazing. 10/10 would recommand


Exactly what I ordered, honestly looks sharper than the image that I sent in. However, I got in in grayscale so I can't say how a color image would look. Looks great under my rgbs though. Very happy with the purchase.

Great Quality. Great Print

I was skeptic at first because the quality of the picture i uploaded wasn't the best but it turned out very well, even looking at it up close proves that this company does great work, not only has the design been translated very well onto the mousepad but the grip and qaulity of the material is amazing

Warcraft Mat

Absolutely amazing! I'm incredibly happy with how my commissioned art came out on this mat. And it's incredibly comfortable to boot!

Lovely product & great service

Really happy with my purchase; the picture/print came out as desired & looks great on my set up. Also shout out to the service & communication; I had some hiccups with my delivery, but the team was prompt & helpful to sort out my issues. Happy & satisfied overall; would recommend!


Original purchase a couple years ago for my university son was lost in a fire, chose to replace xl mat as product was awesome. This time purchased 2 and spector labs did not disappoint! Process from start to finish is easy and quailty of mats are second to none.

Well made and delivered promptly.

Amazing quality!

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it. It's the perfect size for his desk. I love that I was able to use my own artwork for it. I'm very impressed with the print quality and think that everyone should order their mousepads from here! Seriously, it's amazing.

Not a bot

The quality of this mouse pad is top tier, it took a little while to get here but the best things in life take time. If your thinking about it just place your order, do them a favor and send a picture the size of the mate you want I'm sure they'll appreciate that and I'm sure you will too.

Better than excpected

I had spilled too much coffee on my mousepad over the years for it not to be a health hazzard and as I have a new comic book comic out soon, I figured I woudl treat myself to a custom mat. This thing is even better than I had expected - it feels lovely and the quality of the image is clear and vivid and amazing. I told my wife last night that my only complaint about it is that it's made me realize I only need ONE mousemat or I would absolutely order another.

Works Great

I assembled a new desk I had bought online, but realized I needed a desk mat as the desk itself would make my hands incredibly sweaty from resting on the surface. This desk mat solved my issue.
The mat had a pretty pungent factory smell on arrival, but it went away after a few days.

Amazing design team - custom mouse mat

I am beyond happy with that mouse mat! I surprised my bf with an XXL custom mouse mat and wanted to use some art print I bought online. The picture wasn't as long as the mat frame. I asked to the Specter designer to make the picture fit the mat by creating and adding more art on the side. It matches the original picture perfectly and I can't even tell the difference with it!
The mat seems to be very good quality (bf hasn't used it yet) and the mouse slides good on it. 100% recommend and will probably buy another one for myself!

Great Print Quality

Excellent product out of the box. Material is nice, though I wish they offered thicker mm in this size.

High quality

I ordered two custom pads and they look even better than the original images uploaded. The print and stitching of the pads is excellent and it even has a nice sheen I wasn't expecting. A high quality product and I look forward to ordering more.

Exactly as Ordered

I ordered a custom pad and it was exactly as displayed in the preview. I wish I had a reason to order multiple pads it was so good.

Love it!

Using a picture I had taken for the mat, I was worried it would be grainy but was so excited when I opened the box and it looked like the picture I took! Thank you so much!