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State-of-the-art Custom Mousepad Production Lab in the USA

At Specter, every detail matters. From the moment you place your order, to the moment we have it shipped - we control the entire process. Most companies out there outsource production and engage in dropshipping, we do custom mousepad printing in-house.

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Customize Your Mousepad

This is the hardest part, right? But the most fun too! Start with what you are into, maybe gaming or anime wallpapers?

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Different custom mousepad sizes showcase by Specter Labs

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For Your New Custom Mousepad or Deskmat

Our premium gaming surface size and thickness options are sure to fit your desktop setup just right.

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Different custom mousepad thickness 2, 3, 4, 5mm by Specter Labs.

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Custom Mousepad Thickness

Like your custom deskmats THICC for superior wrist comfort? Want to go slim with the 2mm? We offer the largest deskmat thickness selection on the market.

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Professional design help for preparing image for custom mousepad showcase.


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Professional image preparation is the most important step to ensure your prints turn out amazing, nobody does it better than our dedicated graphics processing team.

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They say it's just a mousepad, NO IT IS NOT. It is the best friend for your mouse, and maybe your keyboard too?


It all starts with you, let your personality shine through your gaming and workspace. Check out the full guide how to prepare your file for a perfect print.

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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Wholesale custom branded mousepads for companies, eSports teams, universities and businesses.

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Wholesale custom deskmats and mousepads

Trusted by big and small businesses alike, we at Specter fulfill large orders like our life depends on it. Because it does.

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Based on 1464 reviews
Awesome Product and Fast turnaround

Was very happy with the outcome of my order. Purchased two and both were past my expectations. Will be ordering again and would highly recommend.

my bf loved the mousepad. i def should have measured before ordering the XXXL, but he can always get a bigger desk lolol. great quality & the image came out so well. will always be ordering from specter labs for any new mousepads!

Looks amazing

Great material, great thickness, great printing quality. Over all a winner

2nd purchase from Specter Labs and I may have a new addiction.

I can't get over how amazing the quality these desk mats are. Great quality mats, great customer service and I'm already thinking about my next order from these guys!

Amazing! Ordered this for my son for his birthday. We customized the mousepad with a galaxy themed picture. Turned out amazing and our son loves it!

The product itself is as perfect as I can possibly want it to be. The last mousepad I owned was also printed by Specter and I'm glad to see the quality remains the same over the years with the same precise printing and clean stitching, although the "new car" smell from the mat is new and appreciated. Definitely worth every penny

Very well made!

The picture really doesn't do it any justice. I tried this out with some artwork I made a while back and was initially unsure how it would turn out with how good the price was. When it arrived I was surprised to see it looked even better than I had hoped! The material is very high-quality and the finish is incredible! I'm very happy with the result and would definitely recommend this to anyone that's even slightly interested.

Extremely High Quality

This is my second purchase here and both of the pads I've ordered are top notch quality. Maybe this time I went a bit overboard with the size, but it doesn't matter. Despite the image being fairly small, the result is still very, very detailed. My one and only "complain" would be the mouse thickness. I have a 5mm Razer Gigantus and it thicker than both of my Specterlabs 5mm mats, though it doesn't matter that much, they still feel great.

Customer service is amazing. The product itself was perfect. My son was overjoyed with the quality of the work when he opened it. I ordered during the holiday season and reached out when the delivery date was never posted and I wasn’t sure if it would arrive before Christmas. I got a reply within hours with specifics on my product and then they followed up later with another update once it was shipped. Strongly recommend using this company!

Custom mouse pad

FOR THE GIRLS !!! This is a perfect gift for your bf :) any occasion the quality was super good picture wise and material wise the size ended up being the perfect size and my bf absolutely loved it ! I would say shipping was fairly fast and if you do choose to communicate do it through their customer service , they responded quickly to any concerns I had the image processing does take about a week so I recommend ordering about 2-3 weeks in advance of the date you would want it for . I chose my bf favorite movie and the scene they did a fantastic job and for the price a super good investment/deal ! This business is absolutely going in the right directions with their approach !

A mouse pad from my workstation

I'm bored. Hey Hugh, I got mouse pads from you guys many years ago, and I was surprised that you guys took your time making all different sizes of the mouse pads. I even know that I ordered mine on 24 December. I learned it would take a while because of the details of the design question, which was a dragon, but I did not care because I liked the shop. After all, they take their time and pay attention to detail within the images or people's photos. You guys are a great shop and a great Store. Thank you for making my new mouse pad.

Thoughts on my most recent purchase

I had recently received the product and the material quality is top tier and my only complaint would be the small blemish in the image

Absolutely Perfect

It was exactly what I ordered and it was made here in the USA. The picture is beautiful on my desk mat works great for every day use, even gaming.

This is Awesome!

I have been trying to find the perfect mouse pad for my slightly custom desk. Most were too small and the designs were lame.Nothing but returns and refunds. Then I came across Specter Labs, I found a size that matched the dimensions for my workstation, uploaded an image of my choice and it arrived yesterday.
I LOVE IT! the quality is amazing, I encourage everyone to get one.


Beautiful gave it to my fiance and he loves it🥰

Thank you for making my Officeworks in my room really nice. The dragon looks really good on the design of the mouse pad and it really makes it pop in my workspace.

My daughter loves it

My daughter is very creative and has made a lot of her own characters, her old mousepad from the store was fraying and we thought we'd do something fun. She made her digital characters into one big document and we had it put on Specter Labs mousepad. She loves it. She planned ahead for coloring on the edges where the stitching is and it turned out really nice. Its the perfect size for her and she said she loves how shiny it is.

Top Grade

The mouse pad was great and the personalization turned out awesome. Customer service was exceptional,. when my purchase was not going to reach me on time to send out for a Xmas gift they offered to make and send a new one to the address I was going mail to so it would arrive on time. I explained it would not be necessary. In addition when my mouse pad that I purchased for a gift was lost by my family member. The company provided me a discount on a new one and rushed it out and mailed it directly to my family.


It is single handedly the best mousepad I’ve ever received. The smoothness and quality is so nice feeling. I got it made after a generated art picture I really liked and I was curious as to if the quality would be good and it surprised me.

Amazing quality and very good job on the artwork! Definitely recommend! I didn’t realize they were running the sale for buy one get one 40% off, or I would of bought two 😭😭😂😂


This is my second purchase. Still has clean stitching, very clear image, accurate colors, no loose threads. Awsome.

Fantastic Quality, Better Customer Service!

I worked with Specter Labs on some mouse pad /desk mats for a conference I was running, and couldn't have been happier with the final product or my experience with them as a whole. They were communicative throughout, responsive, accommodating, and met the requested timelines with ease. Most importantly, of course, the mats were beautiful. Graphics and colors were all very clean, bright, and sharp. Quality of the mat itself was as advertised. Pricing was reasonable, as well. I highly recommend Specter Labs for anyone's mouse pad /desk mats needs! A+++, Five stars, etc!!!

Very nice!

Love the mousepad!

It's Big

this is my second time getting mousepads from here they're big and the image is super detailed