XXXL Custom Gaming Mouse Pad / Deskmat (39.4″x19.7″)

XXXL Custom Gaming Mouse Pad / Deskmat (39.4″x19.7″)

Looking for the biggest deskmat in the game? This huge 3XL mouse pad gives you literally more than 5 sq. feet of amazing looking space for your mouse, keyboard, and any other gadgets that you use during your PC time. Make it your one-of-a-kind creation!

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  • Worldwide shipping, made in USA
  • Premium gaming surface, grippy natural rubber base, immaculate overlocked stitching
  • Amazingly smooth mouse glide for years
  • Professional image retouching and upscaling included

YOUR OWN CUSTOM DESIGN: Personalizing your mousepad gives you the power to inject your personality into your workspace, creating a unique and inspiring environment.

YOUR KEYBOARD WILL STAY IN PLACE: Your keyboard will finally take a firm stand on the pad and no longer will it slide around.

YOUR DESK WILL LOOK CLEANER: This mouse pad will not only give a neat look to your gaming space but will just make it look fantastic!

LESS NOISE: This pad will muffle the sounds of your mechanical keyboard reverberating through the desk.

MACHINE WASHABLE: If you spill a drink or somehow get food on it you can simply toss it in the washing machine! The image is printed with high durability UV Resistant CPSIA compliant inks, that don't fade with time or washes. (Recommended: cold water, soap or detergent, no tumble, and air dry)

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Close up of mousepad and deskmat fabric and beautiful custom print.

Premium Gaming Surface

Top grade micro-woven polyester cloth surface, with the highest thread count available in the industry. Brushed and heat-treated surface makes your custom mousepad splash-proof and addictively comfortable. Engineered for both quick mouse flicks and precise pointer positioning, ultimate responsiveness no matter which gaming mouse or sensitivity settings you use. The glide feels faster on x-axis and slightly slower on y-axis bringing together the perfect balance between 'speed' and 'control'.
Close up of rubber base on custom mousepads.

Never-Slip Rubber Base

Textured black 100% natural rubber with for maximum grip on your desk. Gaming gets intensive, you need the premium custom mousepad that will take a firm grip on your desk and stay in place no matter what.
Mousepad stitching close up on a product stack.

Never-Fraying Edge Stitching

Low-profile stitched edges that stay out of the way and do not scrape your skin. Our custom mousepads are overlock stitched with nylon threads for exceptional resistance to fraying.

Customer Reviews

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About XXXL Custom Gaming Mouse Pad / Deskmat (39.4″x19.7″)

This is what you call premium quality! I’m honestly in love with this mousemat, It’s super soft and smooth. This mousemat just feels illegal to have that’s how good it is I’m truly happy with this. Would I recommend? 100%
Thank you specter labs you guys killed it man! I have 0 complaints and the stitching on this is professionally done. 10/10


The color accuracy is perfect and the the material is fantastic overall 10/10

Steven sparks
Amazing quality and service

This is my second order and as always the print quality is amazing. The design team also managed to get in the whole picture so nothing gets left out, very satisfied!

One hell of a good finsih!

I got the mousemat faster then expected and got to say it looks amazing and feels great. Colors are really vibrant. I do wish some of the colors popped out a little bit more and were maybe a bit brighter. But it still went beyond my expectations.

Amazing work!

Rishaad Hosein
Best Mouse Mat

Beautiful mouse mats i printed the XXL 5mm the quality of these mouse mats are best that no other company prints mouse mats in this quality i highly recommend Specter Labs for mouse mats


I love it thanks for the mouse pad

Aaron Christian
Straight up love it

So have had several mouse pads, ones with LEDs, ones that were just for work and ones that were supposed to be really comfy. I have to say I am super impressed this mouse pad. I bought it to just test out how they would do on the custom look and how well it felt. I came up with something quick that I liked and to see if this was worth it. I have to say it's everything I was hoping for. Smooth movement on the mouse to mousepad contact even better then the last few I had. It's feels great looks great and I am excited to do a couple more for my kid and my wife's desk. Couldn't be happier.

abdulaziiz almesafr

I didn’t expect them this detailed and high quality to be honest . And i expected them to be rough or ( not fast for competitive gaming) but its much more better and faster than other competitive mouse pads

Danny Ondrey
Exceeds Expectations

I was a little worried how the print quality would turn out, but man was I blown away. This mat is fantastic! Thick, heavy, vibrant, detailed... I love it! I will be buying one for home very soon.


This is my second purchase and it will not be the last
Excellent quality