Upgrade Your PC Setup with a Custom Mouse Pad For Gaming

mousepad on custom keyboard

Hey, fellow gamers! We often wonder whether a custom mouse pad is the best-fit for our gaming arsenal.

As gaming enthusiasts, we understand that the right gear can make all the difference in achieving peak performance.

That's why we want to discuss an often overlooked but essential accessory that can significantly enhance our gaming experience: a custom mouse pad.

So, join us as we delve into the reasons why a custom pad is a game-changer and how it has revolutionized our gaming sessions by helping us have better control over mouse movements.

Today’s Mice

Before we take a dive into the diverse perks of using a mousepad for gaming, we should look at the latest mice of the 21st century and how they affect our mousepad choices today.

Let's start by recalling the days when mice relied on outdated trackball technology, where maintenance consisted solely of keeping the roller free of dirt and dust.

At that time, the mouse pad was considered a must-have for our gaming setup.

The only theory followed by gamers back then was “better the surface, better the performance.”

That said, the mice regime shifted away from outdated technology and now comes equipped with advanced optical/laser sensors that can work on almost any surface.

This means uneven surfaces are no longer haunting gaming enthusiasts.

But when we got a bit serious about gaming, we realized that something was missing. Even a standard mouse pad was not making the cut.

We have all the gaming reasons now for why we should get a custom mousepad.

Why Choose Custom Mouse Pads?

Now we have mice with gaming-specific features that didn’t exist just a few years back.

Besides the great evolution of gaming devices and mice, we have also seen substantial advancements when it comes to custom mouse pads.

But what exactly do the mice of today have to offer that makes them do well on any surface?

Let’s find an answer!

1. Precision and Speed

Accuracy is extremely important while playing games, especially if we are playing FPS games. Today, mouse pads do not just offer a space to navigate our mouse.

Modern mouse pads are custom designed to increase accuracy and speed while also enhancing the overall game experience.

For instance, some mouse pads offer a proprietary texture that offers an optimal gaming experience.

The smooth surface and optimized texture ensure that every movement is accurate, granting us full control over our in-game actions.

Whether it's sniping enemies in first-person shooters or executing precise maneuvers in strategy games, a custom pad gives us the edge we desperately needed.

2. Control

A custom mouse pad not only offers a smooth surface for our gaming but also provides the required resistance to stop the mouse whenever we want.

When we think of a low-quality hard plastic or glass mouse pad, we reminisce about the struggle that we had to put in to hold the mice steady.

Thanks to custom mouse pads, the entire gaming experience has been upgraded.

We can make our aiming process less frustrating by opting for a custom mouse pad that meets our gaming needs.

3. Personalization

Gone are the days when we used to find a boring mouse pad that could blend with our gaming setup.

We can design our mouse pads and personalize them to match the theme of our favorite game. Whether we want to showcase breathtaking artwork from our favorite RPG, display our clan logo, or flaunt our unique gamer tag, the possibilities are endless.

The aesthetic upgrade is not only visually appealing but also helps us immerse ourselves further into our gaming world.

How to Choose the Right Custom Mouse Pad?

Now that we know what a custom mouse pad has to offer, let’s look at how we can choose the best option for us.

We cannot get a perfect one if we are unaware of the properties and features that are essential for our gaming needs.

So, what should we look for while customizing our mouse pad? it all comes down to four aspects: size, material, edges and thickness.

1. Size

We have seen a major increase in the size of mouse pads for the last 10 years. At first, we thought it was just a passing trend, but gamers are actually going after large-size mouse pads.

Today, gamers are decreasing mouse sensitivity to increase speed and accuracy. While making long glides and short flicks, our focus used to be interrupted when the mouse started sliding off the edges.

So, basically we have to opt for a XXXL custom mouse pad that accommodates our mouse,

If we are using low Dots Per Inch (DPI), a larger one is a must-have. But if we are settled with a high DPI, a small or medium-sized mouse pad is suitable.

2. Edges

Often overlooked, the edges of a mouse pad are an important aspect for a gamer.

Soft pads usually have stitching on the edges to avoid the fabric from fraying after intensive use.

Similarly, the harder ones have smooth edges to prevent injury during a fierce game session.

If this stitching or edging is poorly done, it can create a lot of abrasion from the mouse chord.

This abrasion is a red flag for our gaming experience, especially if we are playing competitive titles.

So don’t risk a loss just because your mouse pad’s edges were not optimized for our mouse chords.

3. Material

The material is also worth considering when choosing a mouse pad for your PC. The surface material of a mouse can be either hard or soft.

The soft pad is usually made of woven cloth fabric, giving a cushiony feel. On the other hand, hard pads are made up of hard materials, such as plastic.

So, which one should we choose? Like every other thing in the world, mouse pad materials come with certain pros and cons. Soft mouse pads offer:

  • Better control
  • More friction
  • Increased mouse lifespan due to soft surface
  • Easily handled and transported

However, these mouse pads are not as suitable for quick glides when compared to harder counterparts.

Also, they are not too compatible with laser sensor mice. Hard mouse pads on the other hand offer:

  • Fast movements.
  • Compatibility with optical and laser mouse sensors.

But, hard mouse pads are not portable. Also, using a hard mouse pad can cause some wear and tear damage to the mouse.

Weighing the pros and cons of each mouse pad material will help customize your mouse pad.

If we like to have better control on our mouse, the build of a top grade micro-woven polyester fabric is the best option. But if we prefer speed over control, we should go for one with a hard material.

Still stuck on hard versus soft material? This video might be a help!

Which Mouse Pad is Better for Aiming? (Hard pad vs. Cloth pad)

4. Thickness

The thickness of our mouse pad also makes a big difference to our gaming experience. Modern mouse pads come in thin, standard, and heavy thicknesses.

Thin pads are usually not recommended for gaming purposes as they would attach to our desk which may not be as smooth for quick gliding.

Standard base mouse pads are preferred by most gamers as they don’t shift around and facilitate quick intensive gameplay.

The next one is our favorite. A soft cloth surface with a smooth flat surface offers a seamless gaming experience, especially for those who spend hours in front of a PC.

Final Words

In the world of gaming, where every advantage counts, upgrading our PC setup with a custom mouse pad is a decision that can truly elevate our gaming experience.

We have discussed the perks of custom mouse pad for your PC and how to choose one to transform our gaming experience.

The right mouse pad not just offers us a smooth and resistive space, but also enables us to express our unique gaming style through custom designs, logos, and artwork.

So, let's make our gaming prowess shine and conquer virtual worlds with the confidence that comes from having the perfect custom mouse pad.

Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does a mousepad improve gaming?

For gaming, mouse pads, particularly those with flat surfaces, assist the mouse sensor to better track our movements for improved accuracy.

This ultimately results in a better and seamless gaming experience.

  1. How to make a mousepad for gaming?

We first need to start with creating a base for the mouse pad which could be thick cardboard or foam.

It is then followed by adding a non-slip liner to the bottom of the base and afterwards we attach a self-adhesive foam pad.

Once we’re done with that our soft gaming mouse pad is ready for use.

  1. Should I get a control type or speed type mouse pad for gaming?

For fast paced games that don’t require much accuracy, we can opt for speed type mouse pads.

If we want to focus more on accuracy while playing, then control type mouse pads are a better choice for us.