Advanced (for graphic designers only)

This section is only for those who have the necessary skills and want to have control over the entire image preparation process from scratch.

Image sizes and templates

In the template files, you will see the teal-colored guides near each edge of the canvas, which is the bleeding area that is needed for production. 

Please note that desk pads are soft substrates, and can shrink up to 1-1.5cm in size due to the high heat and pressure we use during production. 


File types

We can work with any file format, whether it is raster or vector. To place your order you will need to either save the image as PNG or JPG in the highest quality setting and then email us the original file in whatever format you have it with layers unmerged. Download links to cloud storage or file hosting services are always welcome!


Color management

As you know every computer monitor is unique, has its own color settings straight out of the box, and when you go from the monitor which operates in RGB and is capable of showing millions of colors, to printing on a physical substrate (CMYK) the visible spectrum of colors slightly narrows. Specifically, the extremely saturated colors or so-called 'neon' or 'fluorescent' colors will appear more muted in print, because the printer RIP software will pick the closest CMYK matches. 

Setting your ICC profile to Adobe RGB (1998) will greatly minimize any potential color discrepancy. We use a color-calibrated designer monitor to control the input and output colors on our deskpads.