Playmats vs Deskmats: Are They Really Different?

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Playmats are an essential piece of equipment in gaming today.

When playing a card game on a tabletop or gaming on a PC, playmats can make our lives so much easier.

Whether it’s the smoothness of their surfaces or their ability to protect both the table and our cards, these mats are an excellent accessory to have as a gamer.

We can also use deskmats as a protective accessory as part of our gaming setup or to safeguard other work surfaces.

Not only do deskmats protect our desks from stains, spills, and scuffs, but they also provide our setup with an aesthetically pleasing look.

In the article below, we will explore in detail both the playmats and deskmats.

We will analyze different aspects of both accessories, such as their size, material, designs, and more.

Lastly, we will look to answer the question, is there any difference between playmats and deskmats?

Let’s begin!

What are Playmats?

Playmats are flat-surface pads we place under the play area for our card or board games.

Usually rectangular in shape, these mats are designed to protect both the surface they are placed on and the gaming equipment.

We can place these mats on tables, floors, countertops, etc.

That’s not all.

Numerous card games and board games need a specially designed surface with game-related information.

We can not only get our playmats custom-designed but also choose their size, shape, and material according to our preferences.

The Benefits of Using Playmats

When looking to enhance the gaming experience , playmats should be our first choice.

Playing card and board games with our friends and loved ones is a fun time to be had.

The fun is sometimes hindered by damaged cards or dice, broken or chipped tabletops, and, in worst cases, injury to one of the players.

We can prevent all this by choosing a card game mat that suits us most.

Here are the advantages we can avail when using a playmat:

  1. Better Organization

Playing card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! or board games with miniature characters can be complicated.

Having to manage all the card stacks and keeping them in order is a task not many of us like to perform.

Playmats allow us to better gameplay organization by having specially printed zones to match different card games.

We can also orchestrate the games from start to finish in an effective manner without having to worry about false outcomes and negative impacts on the gameplay.

  1.  Handling Cards is Easy

While playing, we have all had that moment when we could not get our nails under the card to pick it up.

A playmat is designed using materials that squish when we place our hands on it.

The top surface is made up of a smooth cloth that allows us to make swift card movements.

Whether we need to flip the card over or pick it up, these mats make our lives easier and our experience better than ever.

Hence, we can have a fast-paced game with fewer disturbances and stoppages.

  1. Card and Table Protection

Those of us who own valuable collectible cards will know how painful it is if they get damaged.

Hard surfaces in the play area, such as wooden tables or the concrete floor, damage our cards in more than one way.

Whether it's a dirty surface or an unmaintained one, our valuable cards and other gaming equipment are always at risk of getting damaged.

Moreover, the playing surfaces like the tabletop can also be damaged if not protected properly.

Playmats are made up of a rubber bottom layer and a smooth cloth layer on the top, allowing both our cards to be safeguarded and our tables protected from spills, scratches, and scuffs.

  1. They are Customizable

Playmats are our accessories, so it is up to us to decide how they should look like.

With the freedom of design, size, and material, we can get the perfectly designed playmat according to our preferences.

Whether we are going for a theme to match our card trading game or an aesthetically pleasing look to match our gaming setup, we can have it all.

If we are looking for a simple design, a sheet of paper and fabric would be enough; however, the common mats are designed with a rubber material on the bottom, such as neoprene, and a printed cloth on the top.

Not only do these playmats protect our equipment, but they also transform the look of our gaming setups and play areas.

What are Deskmats?

A desk mat is essentially a large mouse pad that covers the majority of our gaming setup desk.

The size of a deskmat can be as large as the entire desk or just big enough to accommodate both the keyboard and mouse.

The mat not only protects our desk surface from spills, breakage, or scuffs but also enhances our user experience while operating both the mouse and the keyboard.

Those of us who are gamers will understand the importance of a good deskmat. When gaming for hours on end, a soft and smooth surface makes the biggest difference.

When maneuvering the mouse, we need accuracy and precision to hit the target. These pads ensure our mouse performance is optimized.

Given below are a number of reasons why we should choose deskmats:

Desk Protection

Probably the most common reason for us to buy a deskmat is to protect our gaming desks from damage.

Our desks are always at risk of being damaged through spilling of food, scratches, scuffs, or shipping.

The desk mats make sure the desk surface is impacted the least when we accidentally drop something on it.

Moreover, the keyboard and mouse can leave marks on the desk over time that can make our desks look unpleasant.

With these desk pads, we do not have to worry about unwanted marks, damages, or stains.

Increased Comfort

Those of us who work or game for hours on end will know how difficult it is to function on a hard surface.

The hand, fingers, and wrist need a soft and smooth surface, which is provided by these pads.

Smooth Surface For Writing or Work

Although deskmats are designed to be placed underneath the keyboard and mouse on a computer table, we can also use them in other settings.

For example, these mats are perfect for placing on tables where we require a smooth surface, such as writing tables.

We will not have to worry about the pens or the notebooks sliding off the table. The mat provides a comfortable grip that keeps it connected to the table surface.

Aesthetically Pleasing & Customizable

Deskpads are not merely used to protect the desk surface from damage; they enhance the look of our entire setup.

An aesthetically pleasing mat can elevate the gaming setup and improve the gameplay experience.

The Right Colored Desk Mat For You

Playmats vs Deskmats

By now, we have understood what playmats and deskmats are, and we have also gone through their usage and the benefits they provide us.

Although both accessories are designed for different purposes, we can safely say that they are largely similar to each other.

Let us draw a comparison between the two and see if there is any difference between the two.

Same Material

Both the playmats and the deskmats are generally made up of the same materials. Materials such as cloth, vinyl, wool, etc, are used to design deskmats.

The same materials are common in playmats. Manufacturers use these materials due to their softness and smooth texture.

As the purpose of the mats is to protect the tables while providing us comfort, the bottom layer is generally made up of materials that grip the surface.

On the other hand, a softer material like cloth is used to make the top layer, providing us comfort and an excellent gaming experience.

Whether we are playing a card game or gaming on the PC, playmats and deskmats can be used for both purposes.

Key Takeaways

Although the playmats and deskmats are designed for separate purposes, we can use them interchangeably.

After analyzing several aspects of both the mats, we can safely say that both of them are made up of the same materials and provide us similar benefits.

While one protects our tabletops and card game equipment, the other enhances our PC gaming experience by providing us comfort.

All in all, a playmat can be used as a desktop and vice versa.

Contact us today for aesthetically pleasing customized playmats to elevate your play area.

Is having a playmat necessary?

Strictly speaking, a playmat is not a necessity. We can play our card and board games without a playmat.
However, these affordable mats not only protect our valuable cards but also allow us to feel safe when playing trading card games.

How can we care for our playmats?

We must ensure to store it flat and not roll it up as it can lose its shape and damage the material.

We can also wash almost all types of playmats using warm, soapy water and scrub to clean them.

Is there any difference between a playmat and a deskmat?

No, both mats can be used interchangeably as they are made from the same material.

The only difference between the two is that they were originally designed for two different purposes.